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One of the first impressions of your conference will be made during travel from the airport to Downtown Toronto. To ensure you're making the right impression, trust Toronto Airport Express to provide comfortable, safe and cost-effective transportation for your delegates. Our fully accessible motor coach shuttle fleet features luxurious leather seating and convenient laptop plug-in outlets coupled with free WiFi capability. Travel time into the city is productive as well as enjoyable!

We can create a secure, customized booking page online, specifically for your conference. The result is a personalized webpage – complete with your logo – where delegates can purchase discounted shuttle tickets directly from your conference website! Best of all, there is NO COST! Contact Barb at with specific questions or to set up your group's customized booking page.

What is involved in creating this customized web page?

1. Provide Toronto Airport Express with your company logo, the name of your organization and the name of the conference or event (if applicable). Your logo can be submitted in any image format.

2. Promote the secure web page through your organization's website, e-newsletter and/or any marketing material. Within a week or less, Toronto Airport Express will create the secure web page and provide you with a link that can be used in any market collateral you choose.

3. Visitors will use the link to access the customized web page where they can book their discounted travel. See below for an example.

Custom Booking Portal - Example 2

Please contact to explore this option further!


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