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PWT continually endeavors to look for ways to reduce the amount of emissions that are produced and is committed to the protection of the environment and complying with all rules and regulations pertaining to environmental issues. This is done several ways, by reducing the amount of idle time, keeping the fleet properly maintained, reducing the maximum highway speed of its vehicles, and testing various products to cut back on the amount of fossil fuel that we use.

EnviroTrans is PWT’s Environmental Management System (EMS). With this system, we manage the impacts of our daily activities and services that affect the environment, ensuring and enforcing environmental processes and impacts are effectively managed and are continually improving. These efforts have become part of our philosophy while also being current with the GTAA’s environmental sensitivity.

EnviroTrans emphasizes...

  • Focus on environmentally-safe products
  • CFC free aerosols and biodegradable soap are used for the cleaning of the vehicles.
  • Oil absorbent pads and socks are being used to reduce the use of oil absorbent in the repair shop.
  • Spill kits are located in the wash bay and in the shop to be used in the event of a large spill.
  • Proper apparatus is supplied to staff for the handling of products that may be harmful to them or to the environment. All waste generated from spills or from products used, will be disposed of according to regulations.
  • Focus on reusing
  • PWT has purchased two refrigerant recovery systems that are being used for the repair of air conditioning units.
  • State-of-the-art coolant recycling station that allows us to minimize spillage when working with glycol. The station also permits us to reuse existing antifreeze/ coolant reducing the amount of new product consumption.
  • Focus on recycling
  • Used engine oil is to be collected and stored on site, and when needed, this will be transported off-site by a licensed carrier to be recycled and reused.
  • A scrap metal bin is placed on-site at the Ordan Facility, for the collection of all metals that are recyclable. They are then transported off-site when needed by a sub-contractor.
  • Separate bin(s) are placed outside for recycling products such as cardboard, paper, bottles and plastic, thereby reducing the amount of solid waste that must be taken to a landfill site.

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