Airport Express

Toronto Airport Express was a bus service operated by Pacific Western Transportation under a contract with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority to operate express bus services between Toronto Pearson International Airport and downtown Toronto. It was established in 1993, after the demise of the previous service provider, Gray Coach. The service operated 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It ran at 20-minute intervals during peak times and 30-minute intervals off-peak.


Airport Express (and Gray Coach before them) formerly operated two additional routes, one connecting the airport to Islington subway station and the other to Yorkdale and York Mills stations. These were withdrawn in 2000 after the TTC introduced a competing express service from Kipling station, which charges regular TTC fares bus but until 2013 used regular TTC buses with no space intended for luggage.

n response to the closure of Pacific Western's service, the Toronto Transit Commission enhanced its Route 192 Airport Rocket[4] express bus service between Kipling subway station and the airport by retrofitting buses with luggage racks and increasing the frequency of buses on the route.

There were nine downtown Toronto destinations: